11 Best Front Load Washing Machine with Buyers Guide (Ranked and Reviewed)

Are you planning to purchase a new Front Load Washing Machine? There are many options today. Some of the best front-load washing machines are fully automatic and affordable. You need to focus on your lifestyle, budget, and space. If you have to select one, you need to look into unique features that cater to your needs.

It is always best to choose one that fits your needs in terms of price and capacity. You can go through the unique buyer’s guide shared by our experts. The guide provides a brief related to features and specs that you need to check and compare before buying.

We have also listed the Best Front Load Washing Machine below that can be helpful to you in making an informed decision.

Front Load Washing Machine Buyer’s Guide

If you want to select a suitable washing machine, getting familiar with the differences between the front and top load types is essential. You also need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic type machines.

You can go through our comprehensive washing machine buying guide that will guide you in choosing the best washing machine for your need.

Focus on your budget as the price for each washing machine is never the same. Some top brands might always be more expensive as compared to others. Capacity is also essential, along with power consumption. If you are going to use the machine every day, you should go with a heavy-duty type of machine.

You may also have to compare some basic functions of different washing machines. The motor quality and drive type are also essential factors to compare. You can go through the specs and features of top washing machines in this list below for the best choice.

11 Best Front Load Washing Machines

1. Fresh Care 7110 by Whirlpool

Fresh Care 7110

The brand is a European product, but you can purchase Whirlpool front-load washing machines from any leading electronics showroom. One thing good about Whirlpool is that the product simply looks elegant.

The 7110 front-loading washing machine is fully automated; it has a big capacity equivalent to 7 kg. Users will also be able to select over 14 different wash programs. The washing machine also carries a two-year warranty from the date of purchase. The manufacturers offer another five years warranty on its motor.

Important Features of Fresh Care 7110

  • Steam care technology – This certainly is one of the most salient features of 7110. The machine is equipped with steam care technology. The drum action of the device is not harsh on your clothes. The machine also uses steam power, so the washing is perfect. The steam power is highly effective on fabric and microorganisms.
  • 6th Sense Tech – The machine has highly sensitive sensors installed. This technology helps the machine think intelligently. The users will be able to customize all the drum movements from the machine’s control panel. A user can set the machine movements as per the strained quality.
  • Wash modes – The machine is installed with over six wash mode programs. Thus it enables the users to choose from six different wash settings. You can make your choice as per the fabric quality. One can consider it as one key advantage of 7110.
  • Certification – The Whirlpool 7110 (7 kg) front-loading washing machine has been certified “A+++”. It is highly efficient. The machine consumes less power as compared to other models.

Specifications of Fresh Care 7110

Capacity‎7 Kilograms
Annual Energy Consumption‎240 Kilowatt Hours
Control Console‎Touch
Number of Option Cycles‎14
Voltage‎220 Volts
Wattage‎8 Watts
Item Weight54 kg
Item Dimensions LxWxH45 x 60 x 85 Centimeters

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2. Samsung 6.5 Kg Front load (WW65M206LOW/TL)

Samsung 6.5 Kg Front load WW65M206LOW_TL

Planning to spend your money on buying a washing machine, Samsung is a well-known brand name. The 6.5 Kg front load washing machine by Samsung is a fully automatic machine with a big capacity.

The machine is an ideal choice for any small to medium-sized family. It has a potent motor that offers 1000 rotations per minute.

Important Features of Samsung Front load (WW65M206LOW/TL)

  • DD technology – The machine is equipped with a direct drive system. The motor is a fully digital inverter type. The direct drive tech also means that the device consumes less power when running at its total capacity. The machine has got a brushless motor. Even if the machine is operating, you may not feel the noise or the vibration.
  • Warranty – The machine is a Samsung product. It carries a warranty of 10 years. This front-load washing machine can be your once-in-a-lifetime investment. So, if you have one, you may not have to purchase another for ten years.
  • Diamond drum – For any washing machine, the drum is always one of the most critical parts. The washing machine uses all-new technology, and so it is equipped with a diamond drum. It has a design that is carved with smooth curves. The holes in the drum are designed such that the fabric might never get stuck in the drum. The machine is best for clothes that are soft and expensive.
  • Quick wash features – The machine has a quick wash feature that can be used by the users to washcloths instantly. This feature saves time and energy. You can set the quick washing feature if you have fewer clothes to wash.
  • Ceramic heater – The front-load Samsung washing machine is equipped with a ceramic heater unit. The water is heated instantly to the desired temperature. The ceramic heater will also prevent calcium from accumulating inside the drum.

Specifications of Samsung Front load (WW65M206LOW/TL)

Energy Efficiency‎5 Star
Capacity‎6.5 Kilograms
Annual Energy Consumption‎200 Kilowatt Hours Per Year
Number of Option Cycles‎3
Voltage‎220 Volts
Item Weight54 kg
Item Dimensions LxWxH45 x 60 x 85 Centimeters

The washing machine is equipped with a volt control system as well. Even if there is a lot of power fluctuation, still you may not have to switch the machine off when running.

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3. Bosch Fully Automatic 8 Kg Front Load (WAT2546WIN)

Bosch WAT2546WIN

Bosch is a German technology, and it is known for its excellence. The product is innovative and elegant. Bosch produces a front-load washing machine that is certainly an exceptional product. The washing machine is completely automated.

You have to set the program, and the AI will take care of the rest. The washing machine also has an enormous capacity of 8 Kg.

It is an ideal choice for a big-sized family. Bosch washing machines are also suitable for commercial use. The machine has an extended life span and warranty.

Important Features of Bosch WAT2546WIN

  • Control panel – The washing machine has easy to use digital control panel. The functions are all indicated using LED displays. Users can select any program from the dashboard using the digital display buttons.
  • Express wash – If you do not have much time, you can always select the express wash option. The machine will complete all washing programs within sixty minutes. You may still find that the device offers quality wash in express wash mode.
  • Silence drive – Bosch products have been known for running under silent mode. Even if the machine is running at its total capacity, you may not feel the noise or the vibration. The motor produces friction-free motion. The machine is also powered efficient and runs on less energy.
  • Vario drum – Front-load machines usually depend on the drum quality. The Bosch machine has been equipped with a fully stainless-steel drum. The drum design is made for washing all types of hard and soft fabric materials. Every wash will offer perfect deep cleaning.
  • Vibration-free design – The machine body is also designed not to vibrate when operating at full capacity. The machine has a very stable body that does not produce vibration when used.
  • Active water feature – You can also use the dynamic quality of the machine that helps preserve the water. You can select any water level as per your needs. The machine functions will automatically adjust to the water force and level. You may not have to compromise with the wash quality even if the machine operates under lower water level conditions.
  • Reload function – The washing machine is provided with a functional reload feature. This means removing any cloth even when the program is not executed fully. A user can set the program to the initial level during the wash cycle. Users can also use the pre-wash program setting if they have to treat tough stains on the fabric.

Specifications of Bosch WAT2546WIN

Capacity‎8 Kilograms
Maximum Rotational Speed‎1400 RPM
Form Factor‎Front-Loading
Batteries Required‎No
Item Weight36 kg

If you have kids at home, you can also use the child lock features. The machine carries a warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase. The motor of the device still has a warranty of ten years.

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4. Samsung Fully Automatic 8 Kg (WW80J4243MW/TL)

Samsung WW80J4243MW_TL

If you like the design and style, Samsung is the best product. The 8 Kg fully automated washing machine by Samsung is a good combination of style and function. The machine is equipped with many features.

The machine is a front-load type so that any user can load the drum from the front side. The machine is also an ideal choice for families who have many clothes to wash at a time.

The machine has a motor that rotates at a high speed of 1200 RPMs. The manufacturers have provided a warranty on the motor and the machine.

Important Features of Samsung WW80J4243MW/TL

  • Eco Bubble Technology – The best advantage of the Samsung washing machine is that it is equipped with intelligent Eco Bubble technology. The machine has been designed to work even on the toughest stains. It is still soft on the fabric. The bubble wash is a step ahead of ordinary washing technology. The machine produces bubbles in between the wash cycle. This action can treat all types of stains.
  • Minimalist design – If you purchase Samsung, you are investing money in quality products. The machine has an elegant body design. The front panel door is made up of quality crystal glass material. Thus you get to watch the clothes during the wash cycle. The stylish looks of the machine are designed to blend in with the room’s décor.
  • Diamond drum – The diamond drum is designed to offer a smooth wash for all types of fabric materials. You can even wash your sensitive clothes in the machine. The drum action is very much gentle on soft fabric. The holes of the drum are small, so the fabric does not get stuck in between the wash cycle. You can trust that your clothes are well protected in the machine.
  • Inverter motor – The motor is designed with digital inverter technology. It is a highly efficient and less power-consuming type. The machine will also operate smoothly in case of power fluctuation. The motor has an extended life span of ten years. This means that the machine is designed for long-lasting performance. It can be your one-time investment for many years.
  • Check system – The machine is equipped with intelligent check technology. The dashboard control panel has a mini-computer installed to monitor the machine’s functions. It allows its user to control the machine via smartphone in case of troubleshooting.

Specifications of Samsung WW80J4243MW/TL

Capacity‎8 Kilograms
Maximum Rotational Speed‎1200 RPM
Installation Type‎Free Standing
Special Features‎In built heater
Control Console‎Fully Automatic
Included Components‎1 Washign machine
Item Weight59 kg
Item Dimensions LxWxH55 x 60 x 85 Centimeters

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5. IFB 8 KG (Fully Automatic) FL Washing Machine (Senator Aqua SX)

IFB 8 KG Fully Automatic Senator Aqua SX

The IFB brand front-load washing machine is ideal for a big-sized family. Individuals can also use the washing machine for commercial work. The machine is a fully automatic type. It will take washcloths up to 8 kg capacity. The machine has a potent motor that rotates at 1400 RPMs.

If you invest in an IFB product, you are investing in a four-year warranty product. This machine can be considered the best value for your money.

Important Features of IFB Senator Aqua SX

  • Display Unit – The display unit is housed on the control panel on the top side of the machine. The display unit is LCD-type and user-friendly. The LCD is also very attractive and easy to control. You can control all functions of the machine from the control panel. Any selected function is highlighted once selected. The display unit displays the current selected wash cycle.
  • Cradle wash features – The cradle wash feature is something unique for all types of delicate fabrics. If you wear many silk fabrics, you can use the cradle wash feature. The best thing is that you can also add laundry during the current wash cycle. The program does not get interrupted when new laundry is added to the existing wash cycle.
  • Auto balance – The washing machine is designed to balance the laundry weight as per the requirements. You may not have to balance the laundry before the wash cycle. The machine uses the bubble wash feature to balance the badly stuffed laundry. The washing machine is also gentle on the fabric but tough on the stains.
  • Aqua Genie mode – The washing machine is equipped with an Aqua Genie mode. It is a unique feature of the device. The feature converts hard water into soft water during the washing cycle. This means that the machine is designed to run smoothly on all types of water. Soft water will easily dissolve any detergent, so you can produce more bubbles. It also guarantees the best wash.
  • 3D wash feature – People often invest money in expensive front-load washing machines because they expect quality wash. Get ready to get more benefits if you invest in any IFB product. The machine is equipped with a 3D wash system that enables it to use the ball valve technology. The technology helps in offering an improved wash cycle. You can expect each wash to be spotless. Your clothes are safe when washed in this washing machine.
  • Crescent moon drum – The crescent moon refers to the half-sized moon, which is considered its unique feature. The drum is designed to prevent fabric damage. The machine will operate best on high or low-voltage readings.

Specifications of IFB Senator Aqua SX

Energy Consumption‎1.03 Kilowatt Hours
Capacity‎8 Kilograms
Water Consumption‎60 litres
Maximum Rotational Speed‎1400 RPM
Installation Type‎Free-Standing
Special Features‎In built heater
Control Console‎Fully Automatic
Number of Option Cycles‎15
Voltage‎240 Volts
Wattage‎2250 Watts
Material‎Stainless Steel
Item Weight177 kg
Item Dimensions LxWxH23.9 x 23.5 x 34.5 Centimeters

If you expect a spotlessly and stain-free wash, you should invest your money in this front-load washing machine. It is one of the best products in the consumer market.

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6. IFB 6.5 Kg (Senorita Smart) Fully Automated Front Load Washing Machine

IFB 6.5kg Senorita Smart

The IFB 6.5 Senorita offers more functions than any other brand in the market. The machine has an optimal capacity that is equivalent to 6.5 kg. It also has five different temperature settings ranging from cold water to 95°C. Users can choose their preferred temperature setting depending on the type of clothes.

The machine is also equipped with multiple water level settings ranging from 3 to 10 on the bar scale. The LED display offers seven different program settings; it is a fully automatic washing machine.

Important Features of IFB Senorita Smart

  • Smartphone control – This is a washing machine that can also be controlled using a smartphone. The washing machine can be controlled using blue tooth connectivity. Even if you are outdoors, still you can manage all programs on the dashboard and wash your clothes. This is one unique feature you may not find on any other washing machine.
  • The Time-saving option-The machine is also equipped with an intelligent wash feature. This is a time saver and will wash your clothes in less time. You can set the wash cycle time to a minimum and washcloths instantly. This saves energy and time.
  • Cradle feature – If you have many delicate clothes, you can undoubtedly depend on the cradle wash feature. The drum will get adjusted to wash soft garments. The option is best if you wear a lot of chiffon or silk clothes. The alternative is also best if you have to pass babywear.
  • Air bubble wash is one of the unique technologies that make use of millions of bubbles and can remove dirt and stains from the fabric material. If you have to treat stubborn stains, this is the right technology.
  • Aqua energy – The mode is helpful to energize the water for an effective wash. A simple device is used to energize the water. The technology helps in converting hard water to soft water. This helps in dissolving any type of detergent that you use for washing. So, if your house receives hard water, you can buy this washing machine.
  • Child lock – The unique feature ensures the kids’ safety at home. The child lock will prevent kids from running the machine as all systems are locked under this feature.
  • Ball valve– The ball valve is one mode that makes every wash more economical. The machine will run under minimum power and water. You can enable this mode at any time during the wash cycle.

Specifications of IFB Senorita Smart

Model‎Senorita WXS
Capacity‎6.5 Kilograms
Maximum Rotational Speed‎1000 RPM
Part Number‎SENORITA100
Form Factor‎Front-Loading
Control Console‎Fully Automatic
Number of Option Cycles‎14
Voltage‎220 Volts
Material‎Stainless steel
Item Weight66 kg
Item Dimensions LxWxH59.8 x 50.6 x 85.8 Centimeters

Other features include the 3D wash technique, auto balance, and laundry add features. If you are looking around for the best washing machine, then this is your next brand product.

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7. Bosch 7 Kg (WAK24168IN) Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

Bosch 7 Kg WAK24168IN

Bosch products indeed are rated as star products. The new 7 kg front load machine from Bosch is a star-rated product. The machine is ideal for a family of 8. The machine also carries a warranty of 4 years.

The best advantage of this machine is that it is equipped with a powerful motor that rotates at 1400 RPMs. This machine has many other features that make it an ideal choice for anyone.

Important Features of Bosch WAK24168IN

  • Vario drum – This is a specialized drum designed to create water droplet-like effects. The technology is purely German. The machine is designed to carry out the most robust functions. The top panel is equipped with an LED display unit. The drum is designed to handle all types of delicate garments. Vario drum is one of the features that you only get to use in Bosch products.
  • Anti-vibration – It is hard to find any front-load washing machine that does not vibrate. Bosch machines are designed with anti-vibration technology. The machine is fitted with three stability suspensions. No matter where you place the machine, it will always be washcloths silently.
  • Even if the machine uses less water, it will not vibrate during the wash cycle. This is one of the features you may only find in this machine.
  • Active water feature – If you are using the front load washing machine, you can’t keep tracking the water quality and level between the wash cycle. This machine is more helpful as it has an automated active water feature. It enables the machine to track the water quality and level. The machine is fitted with special sensors that adjust the water quality and level as per the needs.
  • Hygiene program – This is a part of the super 15 programming features. It helps maintain perfect hygiene. The cycle will run for around 15 minutes.

Specifications of Bosch WAK24168IN

Capacity‎7 Kilograms
Maximum Rotational Speed‎1200 RPM
Part Number‎WAJ2416EIN
Control Console‎Touch
Certification‎Energy Star
Batteries Required‎No
Item Weight71 kg 400 g
Item Dimensions LxWxH59 x 59.8 x 84.8 Centimeters

These are only a few functions that you can use in this washing machine. You can also make use of its reload function.

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8. Midea (MWMFL070HEF) Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine


There are many unique features of Midea that consumers like. The machine is designed to simplify your everyday wash. It works best on fewer water levels as well. It is also an ideal machine if you have to use less detergent.

Important Features of Midea MWMFL070HEF

  • Preset modes – The best advantage is that it offers users over 23 preset modes. You can select programs in any combination cycle. You can choose 23 different settings.
  • Extra rinse – If you have tough clothes to wash, then you can always set an extra rinse cycle. This makes the washing more effective.
  • Nickel-plated heating unit – The heating unit is one of the essential accessories for any washing machine. The nickel-plated heater will not get damaged when reaching high temperatures. The electricity bill is also on the lower side.
  • Wash functions – Users will be able to use three different wash functions as per convenience. You can select small, medium or large capacity for every wash cycle.

Specifications of Midea MWMFL070HEF

Capacity‎7 Kilograms
Annual Energy Consumption‎215 Kilowatt Hours Per Year
Maximum Rotational Speed‎1200 RPM
Number of Option Cycles‎2
Number of Standard Cycles‎23
Voltage‎230 Volts
Wattage‎2050 Watts
Number of Drawers‎1
Door Orientation‎Right
Batteries Required‎No
Item Weight52 kg
Item Dimensions LxWxH59.5 x 40 x 85 Centimeters

The washing machine is also fitted with an antibacterial gasket fitting. So the water is bacteria-free.

No products found.

9. Bosch 6.5 Kg (WAK20166IN) Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

Bosch 6.5 Kg WAK20166IN

If you are looking around for an economic front-load washing machine, this is the right option. The device is designed to take up a load of 6.5 kg. It also offers 10 different program settings.

Important Features of Bosch WAK20166IN

  • Active water – The machine is fully automated. The machine can sense the water level at multiple levels.
  • Anti-vibration – The body and motor are designed to offer a vibration-free wash every time you use it.
  • Super 15 or 30 program – You have the convenience of running a 15 or 30-minute program wash cycle. The machine can complete the wash and rinse cycles in 15 or 30 minutes.
  • Vario drum – This is one of the unique features of Bosch. The drum is designed to handle delicate clothes best.
  • Speed perfect – This is one feature that reduces wash time. It offers a quick wash.

Specifications of Bosch WAK20166IN

Capacity‎6.5 Kilograms
Maximum Rotational Speed‎1000 RPM
Noise Level Washing‎53 dB
Noise Level Spinning‎73 dB
Colour‎Lux Silver
Control Console‎Fully Automatic
Voltage‎240 Volts
Wattage‎2300 Watts
Batteries Required‎No
Item Weight63 kg 500 g
Item Dimensions LxWxH44.6 x 59.8 x 84.8 Centimeters

You can also use the reload function and child lock features. The machine is also equipped with a gadget to perform and check voltage fluctuations.

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10. Bosch WAT2846SIN (8 kg) Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

Bosch WAT2846SIN 8 kg

Are you looking around for a reliable washing machine? Then you should go with the Bosch model. The machine is ideal for all types of wash cycles. The machine is designed to handle 17 pounds of weight.

Important Features of Bosch WAT2846SIN

  • Sanitized cycle – The machine can handle sanitized cleaning cycle. It is equipped with a water heating unit that can reach up to 170° C.
  • Vibration-free– The machine does not vibrate at total capacity or high speed. The machine also uses a specialized technique to reduce noise.
  • Dryer system– The machine is also equipped with a ductless vent dryer system. You can also set it to anti-shrink mode.
  • Heavy duty – The machine is designed for heavy use and can be very effective for those who like to wash clothes every day. 

Specifications of Bosch WAT2846SIN

Capacity‎8 Kilograms
Maximum Rotational Speed‎1400 RPM
Form Factor‎Front-Loading
Access Location‎Front Load
Batteries Included‎No
Batteries Required‎No
Item Weight10 kg

No products found.

11Amazon Basic 7 Kg Front Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Amazon Basic 7 Kg front loading

The washing machine has a very lightweight, rust-free body. The motor is also designed to operate at high speed (1300 RPMs). The device houses an immense capacity for a big-sized family. The control panel is also decorated with LED light settings. You are also able to make use of 23 programming modes.

Important Features of Amazon Basic 7 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine

  • Vibration-free mode – The machine is silent. It produces no vibration or sound. You can run it at any time without disturbing others. Each wash cycle is completed without any vibration. 
  • SS Drum – The machine is equipped with a heavy-duty stainless steel cast drum. The drum does not get rusted for years. The drum is also a mirror finish type and maintains its natural lustre for years.
  • AI aspect – The best thing about this machine is that it is operated using AI. The machine uses AI to sense all washing cycles and modes. It senses everything from the water cycle to cloth and fabric material.
  • Tub cleaning is a specialized feature that only very few selected models offer. The tub cleaning feature guarantees stain-free clothes every time you wash them. The technique uses hot water to treat dirt and stains.
  • In-built heater unit – The water is heated using an in-built heater unit. This offers better hygiene after every wash. The stains are also easy to treat using hot water treatment.

Specifications of Amazon Basic 7 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Capacity‎7 Kilograms
Maximum Rotational Speed‎1300 RPM
Special Features‎In built heater
Colour‎Dark Grey
Batteries Required‎No
Item Weight65 kg

No products found.


Frequently Asked Questions

Final Verdict

Front-loading washing machines indeed are rated as the following generation washing machines. If your choice of washing machine is correct, you have to put in less human effort to clean the clothes.

The best washing machine is always more expensive. You may have to focus on your budget first. It is also vital to compare specs for multiple options.

It is best to purchase one that is more functional for you. Focus on the water quality and availability in your place before choosing any front-load washing machine. All types of washing machines may not perform best in different water types.

You can compare different models offered by top-rated brands in the market. If affordable, it is always better to go with top-performing models and brands. Make your choice based on the capacity you will use for each wash.

You should also focus on the functions. Always select a washing machine that offers simple controls and functions. When selecting the ideal washing machine, you cannot overlook its efficiency.

The machine that you choose should use less water and energy. It should also be a time-saver, so you don’t spend the entire day washing clothes.

You can check our comprehensive Washing Machine Buying Guide which contains all the factors that one should consider while deciding one for yourself.

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