Top 10 Best Smart TV In India Under 50000: Ultimate Guide To Buying Your Next TV

The past few months had us holed up in our homes and relying on technologies for getting most things conveniently done, including entertainment. Safe to say, Television and streaming apps have been our best friends during the time. Perhaps that is why, if we had any doubts about getting a new and preferably smarter TV set, the unfortunate country-wide lockdown has cleared them for most of us.

Simply put, a smart TV brings everything that you do on the small screen of your phone on the larger screen, thereby enhancing your viewing and streaming experience.

And now that we are practically swarmed by internet-powered devices, a smart TV is pretty much like a basic necessity.

A TV connected to the internet, in case you’re wondering, can be used for a multitude of purposes right from learning dance through Youtube Music Videos to making binge-watching on Netflix a near-theatrical experience.

Nowadays, almost all new TVs come equipped with built-in smart features, apps, and platforms. Some brands have their own smart platforms, others choose third-party platforms like Android.

Top 10 Best Smart TV in India under 50000

These smart TVs take your home entertainment experience to the next level. That’s probably enough build-up to get you all excited about buying one for yourself. 

Keeping your pockets in mind, we have put together a list of 10 of the hottest smart TVs trending in India right now under INR 50000. Below is the list of Top 10 Best Smart TV In India Under 50000.

Top 10 Best Smart TV in India under 50000

The following list clubs together several features, the ratings, reviews, and even services that the manufacturer is known to offer with the sale of the TV.

The order is not a ranking from the best to least (or otherwise) but simply follows a larger screen to smaller screen format; you are free to consider your best options according to your preferred brand, budget, or any other criteria.


Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart LED TV TH-58HX450DX

58 Inches

A steal deal that might be harder to find the longer you wait, this smart TV combines all the smart features with even smarter technologies to give you a truly rich viewing, binge-watching, and internet surfing experience.

Right from the display, sound to the ‘smart’ features enabled by connectivity, Panasonic’s this 4K model is easily one of the hardest to beat in this price range.

Coming with the assurance of a brand like Panasonic is always a plus because you will rest assured of good after-sales services and the durability of output devices.

And did we mention the large screen size? Probably the largest you can get hands-on, in this price segment.

Highlight Features

Blue Ray players.
Supplemented with DTS TruSurround.
Built-in Google Assistant and Chromecast.
Adaptive backlight dimming.

Panasonic TH-58HX450DX: Specifications

Screen Size: 58 Inches

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)

Refresh Rate: 60 hertz

Ports: HDMI-3, USB-2

Speaker: 20 Watts

Operating System: Android OS (Ver. 9.0) by Google

Warranty:1 Year Standard Manufacturer Warranty
  • One of the highest refresh rates offered by any Smart TV.
  • Compatible with a greater number of digital mediums and social media platforms.
  • Extra sound and visual support
  • Excellent connectivity with external devices and ports.
  • Borderline price range which also makes it the most expensive of the lot
  • Graphics could have been better given the display specifications

For warranty and more information by the manufacturer, click here: Panasonic 48 inches 4K.


Samsung Wondertainment Series Ultra HD LED Smart TV UA50TUE60AKXXL

50 Inches

With a screen large enough for a family match-night and a display crisp enough to give closer to reality experience, Samsung’s Wondertainment assures entertainment on a budget.

The smart TV is sure to live up to your expectations, especially with its in-built feature of personalization that curates the best of the content collection according to your streaming and viewing patterns so that you don’t have to open and browse through different apps each time!

What’s more? All of this is voice-enabled, so yes, you can change music from the room without having to interrupt your jam.

Highlight Features

SmartThings App.
Cloud services enabled.
Personal computer.
Music System

Samsung Wondertainment UA50TUE60AKXXL: Specifications

Screen Size: 50 Inches

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)

Refresh Rate: 60 hertz

Ports: HDMI-3, USB-2

Speaker: 20 Watts Dolby Digital Plus

Operating System: Tizen OS (Linux Based)

Warranty: 1 Year Comprehesive and 2 Year Additional Warranty on Panel
  • Comes highly rated and recommended by real users.
  • Screen sharing ensures you are not limited to just one task at a time.
  • Game enhancer takes care of endless gaming fun.
  • Not the best sound output.
  • HDR support for different streaming platforms may be problematic.

Love it already? You can buy it here: Samsung 50 inches 2020 model.


Philips 6600 Series 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV 50PUT6604/94

50 Inches
Philips 50PUT6604

One of the sleekest designs in the segment, this smart TV can not only lighten up your entertainment but also a room with its sharp design, and crisp display.

Its excellent connectivity can provide for everything – from a thrilling gaming escapade to a chilling binge-watching experience.

That’s not it, Philips Smart TV obviously comes equipped with its exclusive TV collection along with loads of external streaming apps, and more.

Unlike most smart TVs, Philips doesn’t power the operating system with Android. This 2020 model comes with the highly intuitive Saphi OS that makes it incredibly easy to navigate and browse around.

Highlight Features

Dolby display, HDR10+ supported.
Dolby surrounds sound with full-range speakers.
3 HDMI ports and 2 USB drive slots.

Philips 6600 Series 50PUT6604/94: Specifications

Screen Size: 50 Inches

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)

Refresh Rate: 60 hertz

Ports: HDMI-3, USB-2

Speaker: 20 Watts Dolby Atmos

Operating System: Saphi OS (Linux Based)

Warranty: 2 year comprehensive warranty
  • One of the best pixel precision technologies (upscaling) and refresh rates
  • Bezel-less screen with unmatched color reproduction.
  • No built-in assistant so the system lacks a voice command feature.
  • Can only be operated through IR and Bluetooth based remotes.

Check out the specifications here: Philips 4K UHD 2020 model.


Sanyo Kaizen Series 4K Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV XT-50UHD4S

50 Inches

If you don’t recognize the brand and that’s making you reconsider checking this smart TV out, you might be in for a pleasant surprise.

Sanyo has been under the parent company of one of the leading brands in smart TVs and electronics — Panasonic for 10 years now.

This model with 4K UHD is complemented by a super bright display with an incredible range of vibrant colors, high-tech processing for a buttery-smooth experience, expansive storage to create a pool of offline favorites, and a sound system that resonates with the highest degree of entertainment.

What’s more? You can add 5 inches to all of these features and this smart TV will still be way under the borderline budget being discussed here!

Highlight Features

1.07 Billion Colour display.
Quad-Core CPU + Triple-Core GPU.
Android 9.0.

Sanyo Kaizen XT55UHD4S: Specifications

Screen Size: 55 Inches

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)

Refresh Rate: 60 hertz

Ports: HDMI-3, USB-2

Speaker: 20 Watts Dolby Audio

Operating System: Android OS (Ver. 9.0) by Google

Warranty:1 year Brand Warranty
  • Excellent refresh rate.
  • Digital sound processing smoothly overcomes the relatively lower sound output power.
  • Micro-dimming technology gives enhanced cinematic feels.
  • Voice search can be enabled but a digital assistant is lacking.
  • Lower sound output power.

Find out more about the price, higher-priced variations, and payment options here: Sanyo Kaizen Android 2020 model.


Croma 4K Ultra HD Smart Android Based LED TV CREL7346N

49 Inches

If Croma’s reputation does not tell you enough, the smart TV is certified to be loaded with features of one of the highest qualities.

The display panel, for instance, is not only A+ but also with guaranteed Zero Dot, so you know your eye health is kept in mind by the designer for long viewing hours.

This TV is a hit especially among those who’re on a tight budget but prefer larger screens anyway and don’t want to compromise on the quality either.

Highlight Features

Different modes of sound selection.
Dual box speakers.
Miracast enabled screen mirroring.

Croma CREL7346N: Specifications

Screen Size: 49 Inches

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD Ready (3840 x 2160)

Refresh Rate: 60 hertz

Ports: HDMI-3, USB-2

Speaker: 20 Watts Dual Box Speakers

Operating System: Android based AOSP 5.1

Warranty: 3 Years Standard Comprehensive Manufacturer Warranty
  • One of the best external connectivity with comprehensive input-output coverage.
  • Supports all major streaming platforms.
  • Relatively larger viewing angle than most smart TVs in the segment.
  • It is an AOSP-based smart TV, but operates on a fairly older version of the OS.

For detailed product information, visit here: Croma Android 4K UHD 2020 Model.


LG 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV Ceramic Black (43UM7290PTF)

>43 Inches

This LG Model just had to make it on the list as it has been grabbing eyeballs for smart TV budget buyers for quite some time now.

Not only is its display designed with the smartest of technologies but it is also stuffed with ample supporting features including a powerful sound system and digital connections.

Of course, it comes equipped with LG’s exclusive and efficient AI ThinQ platform to make operating the TV easier (and smarter).

This technology helps the TV to adapt to user behavior and enables two-way communication so that you are not always stuck with the remote-based operation.

Highlight Features

DTS Virtual: X display.
3 HDMI ports and 2 USB drive slots.
Alexa compatible.
Magic mobile connection.

LG CREL7346N: Specifications

Screen Size: 43 Inches

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)

Refresh Rate: 50 hertz

Ports: HDMI-3, USB-2

Speaker: 20 Watts

Operating System: Web OS

Warranty: 3 Year Comprehensive Warranty
  • Cloud services enabled for photos and videos.
  • Quad-core processing makes the viewing and browsing experience at least twice faster and smoother.
  • Additional purchase of a magic remote is needed.

You can browse through buying options here: LG 43 Inches UHD.


Sony Bravia Full HD LED Smart TV (KDL 43W6603)

43 Inches

If you are clear on your expectations about what you want from your smart TV, we might have just the right option here for you.

Sony’s reliability comes with this cutting-edge latest model of Bravia Smart Full HD TV with its prime focus on clarity – picture, sound, and usage – all in the most affordable price package.

X-Reality Pro display makes the finest details stand out and contribute to an excellent viewing experience.

With its built-in Amazon Prime Video connectivity and easy plugging in of mobile phones through USB, you can be sure to play smart and stay connected with the internet on the big screen.

Highlight Features

USB tethering-supported plug and play
Motionflow XR 100 graphics.
Smart remote with direct Youtube and Netflix launching.
Dynamic Open Baffle Speaker with extra bass.

Sony Bravia KDL 43W6603: Specifications

Screen Size: 43 Inches

Resolution: Full HD (1920×1080)

Refresh Rate: 60 Hertz

Ports: HDMI-2, USB-2

Speaker: 20 Watts Open Baffle Speaker

Operating System: Linux

Warranty:1 year Comprehensive Warranty and 1 year Additional Warranty on Panel 
  • Excellent resolution and refresh rates.
  • The built-in woofer makes all forms of viewing hit you right in the cinematic feels.
  • Relatively expensive.
  • Only 2 HDMI ports may limit connectivity.

Find out more about this product here: Sony Bravia 43 inches 2020 model.


TOSHIBA Vidaa OS Series Full HD Smart ADS LED TV 43L5050

43 Inches

Toshiba surely deserves a position in this list, perhaps mainly because all of the size variations of this model (32 inches, 43 inches, and 50 inches) come well inside the budget for the day.

It runs on a Linux-based, fast, simple, customizable, and user-friendly Vidaa Operating system that will transform your home entertainment experience.

The built-in streaming apps let you access your favorite content quickly and hassle-free.

You’ll have a hard time believing that a TV with its display upgraded with loads of technological optimizations like Active Motion Resolution+, Contrast Optimization, and more can be this affordable.

Highlight Features

Vidaa OS powered.
CEVO Engine Premium.

Toshiba 43L5050: Specifications

Screen Size: 43 Inches

Resolution: Full HD (1920×1080)

Refresh Rate: 60 hertz

Ports: HDMI-2, USB-2

Speaker: 24 Watts Output Dolby Audio

Operating System: Vidda OS

Warranty: 1 year comprehensive warranty 
  • Sound output power greater than most TVs.
  • Massive range of browsing options are in-built and directly available.
  • Laptop connectivity is also possible through the VGA port.
  • Lack of an android-based operating system may be inconvenient for many.

Check out the specifications here: Toshiba Vidaa Full HD 2020 model.


LG Ultra HD LED Smart TV Ceramic (43UM7780PTA)

43 Inch

If it’s LG, it has to be on the list more than once. Right from the convenience of choosing what to watch, the pleasure of viewing, and is one of the top tier brands in smart TVs, LG makes sure that it checks all the right boxes.

What makes this LG Smart LED TV famous is it is packed with wonderful features and boost stunning picture quality due to the 4k active HDR.

There is a sufficient number of connectivity ports and the audio quality is also acceptable. For typical viewing or intense entertainment for hours, this television is a suitable choice.

Its display comes equipped with a resolution of 4k Ultra HD and a refresh rate of 50hz.

The type of display is a 4k IPS display and it comes with the support for a wide viewing angle. The 20-watt output speakers deliver powerful sound for a great listening experience and these speakers are also Amazon Alexa enabled.

The pre-loaded apps are Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix, etc. You can also download other apps like Youtube, Spotify, Curiosity stream, etc from the LG content store.

This LG Ultra HD LED television is featured with an efficient processor, simple and sophisticated design, and intuitive home dashboard.

Highlight Features

Built-in Google Assistant as well as Amazon’s Alexa.
Apple airplay2.
AI Acoustic tuning enabled.

LG 43UM7780PTA: Specifications

Screen Size: 43 Inches

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)

Refresh Rate: 50 Hertz

Ports: HDMI-3, USB-2

Speaker: 35 Watts Output with Built-in Woofer

Operating System: WebOS

Warranty: 3 Year comprehensive Warranty
  • Excellent connectivity.
  • One of the best sound power outputs in smart TVs.
  • Home dashboard feature makes browsing extremely convenient.
  • Relatively more expensive than similar TVs in the segment

You can check this TV out here: LG UHD 2019 Model.


Sony Bravia HD Ready LED Smart TV Black (KLV-32W622G)

32 Inches

Finally, a smart TV for those who prefer smart features, brand value, quality, durability, within an extremely affordable price package over the size of the screen; Sony Bravia’s smart TV surely makes for a decent bet.

This Sony Bravia LED Smart TV has a decent and simple design with thin and impressive bezels. The TV stood on a pair of the premium stand.

This smart TV has a decent picture quality with exceptional clarity, thanks to its X-Reality PRO picture processing feature and its HD Ready resolution of 1366×768 pixels with a standard refresh rate of 50 Hz.

This HDR presents a much more dynamic look by preserving the details of a picture that is lost in the brightest and darkest areas of a picture.

The 30 Watts built-in woofer provides deep bass and crystal clear sound. With its Smart plug-and-play feature, you can easily share your favorite videos, music, and photos on the big screen.

Also note that 32 inches had been the ideal TV size for years until the cinematic trend came in, and therefore, can provide a rich enough viewing experience.

Highlight Features

TV MusicBox.
Screen Mirroring
HDR Gaming.

Sony Bravia KLV-32W622G: Specifications

Screen Size: 32 Inches

Resolution: HD Ready (1366×768)

Refresh Rate: 50 hertz

Ports: HDMI-2, USB-2

Speaker: 30 Watts with Built-in Woofer

Operating System: Linux

Warranty: 1 year Warranty 
  • Relatively better sound output than most smart TVs in the segment.
  • Refresh rate is good enough to compete with the higher priced TV sets.
  • Motion flow XR sets apart the ease of viewing from other sets in this segment.
  • Resolution is compromised to an extent.
  • Has only Amazon prime built-in.

Check out pricing options here: Sony Bravia HD Ready 32 Inches.

Guide To Buying A Smart TV: What Should You Consider Before Making The Choice?

After our list of top 10 best smart TV in India under Rs 50000, if you are still unable to decide, let’s quickly walk you through the fundamental factors of a smart TV that will help you make a wiser and personalized buying decision.

Since we have clearly promised a budget TV buying guide below, we will exclude the most important factor that people generally consider while buying a smart TV — the price range. Within the 50K INR price range, here’s a checklist you should swear by.

Know Your Type

Most smart TVs are LEDs today so that’s not where you need to differentiate. You, however, need to determine what type of display panel, operating system (android-based or other), display dimension (3D or not), and sound system you are looking at. If you’re into voice commands and touch screens, prepare to expand your budget.

Settle For A Preferred Resolution

Just like LEDs, HD TVs are now a basic requirement for a smart TV. But that doesn’t mean every smart TV offers the same crispness in resolution. What brands sell as easy HD, Full HD, Ultra HD, and 4K is actually the drastic variations that HD TVs come in. Choose the best one for you and your budget.


Higher Resolution=Sharper Image and More Clarity

Equip With Compatible Accessories

When you buy a smart TV, you might often realize that the sound could have been way better. Be prepared for that additional expense, and be mindful of getting sound systems that are most compatible with your TV.

The same goes for additional home-theatre upgrades, magic remotes, set-top boxes, or even wifi-packages that you will need to purchase.  

Accessories smart tvs

You should also consider the built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports that will let you connect to the internet. We recommend you to get one that supports 5GHz or 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. For playing 4K content you need to have HDMI 2.0 and for 8K content, you will need HDMI 2.1 port.

You should also check for Bluetooth compatibility as it will help you to connect external devices such as soundbars, headphones, and speakers to your TV set

Go For Trusted Brands With Trustworthy Warranties

This goes without saying for any appliance that you buy. But especially when buying devices like smart TVs that you are not familiar with operating and use very frequently, you should always consider the warranty that the brand covers your TV for.

Consider Size and Setting

Everyone likes a large screen; not every large TV will fit into your budget or even a wall frame. Consider what type of setting you are planning to create at home. Make sure your preferred TV has easy installation and wall mounting, and all the smart TV accessories can be accommodated easily around. You don’t want to end up with an expensive woofer without an elegant way to place it.

Our Verdict: Which TV Is The Best For You?

Having covered the details of each of the best smart TVs, let’s now help you narrow down your options.

Best Budget Smart TV

When we talk about the best budget, we mean the best package you can find at an unbeatable price. It doesn’t always mean the smaller the TV, the lower the budget.

In that sense, Sanyo’s 50 Inches Smart TV makes for the best deal you can lay hands on; with all of the smartest features, expansive screen size, and budget matching ones in the 40 inches segment. Similarly, the impressive features of Toshiba’s Vidaa Full HD come at a price matching those in the 30 inches segment.

Best Smart TV With Loaded Features

This one’s a difficult choice to make, given that we have practically listed the best TVs with all the cutting edge features. However, if we were to rate as per the quality and assurance of features, Samsung’s Wondertainment Series and LG’s UHD PTF model is hard to beat in the 50 and 40 inches segments respectively.

The bottom line is to have a slight cushion amount available when buying smart TVs because the addition of a handful of grands can actually upgrade your TV viewing experience by leaps and bounds. This is obviously for those who cherish binge-watching and frequent cinema nights and would prefer more in-built assistance from their TVs.

All in all, remember that smart TVs are a long term investment, and you need to be completely satisfied with its features and delivery before getting yourself one.

Hope this article was helpful to you and if you need any other help or have suggestions for us, then please do comment below. We will get back to you with the best possible information and details. Your advice, comments, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and welcomed. Don’t forget to check our list of the top 10 gaming laptops, tablets, washing machines, air conditioners, DSLR, etc.

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