21 Air Conditioner Servicing Tools: A List of Essential AC Tools [Pictures + PDF included]

When it comes to air conditioners, proper servicing and maintenance is key in order to ensure efficient and reliable operation. If you’re an HVAC technician, then you know the importance of having the right tools for the job. Air conditioners can be tricky to work on, and it’s essential to have the right equipment if you want to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

It all started when my air conditioner cooling reduced, and water started leaking through the indoor unit. To fix the issue and perform the servicing and maintenance of my Air Conditioner, I took the help of an AC technician. 

He came with a toolbox, the content of which I closely noticed. The water leakage from my AC indoor unit was due to the clogged drain lines.

He fixed the issue with the help of these tools and suggested that I clean my AC filter regularly and perform maintenance.

He even showed me the steps and helped me make this AC tools list. 

AC tools

I did a little bit of research and took the help of HVAC engineer friends, AC technicians, and other experts in the Air conditioning field. After getting suggestions and advice, I completed this AC tools list and thought of sharing the same in this blog post. I have also created the AC tools name list in a pdf file with pictures that you can download.

There are many Air Conditioner Servicing Tools tools that are required for servicing AC. In this blog post, we will provide a list of the most important AC tools you need to get the job done right. We will also discuss a list of HVAC tools that every technician should have in their arsenal.

Whether you’re a professional technician or just doing some routine maintenance, having the right tools is key to success. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the must-have AC servicing tools!

There are a number of AC tools that you’ll need and if you’re looking for a complete list of air conditioner servicing tools, you’ve come to the right place!

With the right tools, you can perform any AC repair, maintenance or installation with ease!

Below is a list of essential equipment that every air conditioner technician should have in their toolbox. With these tools, you’ll be able to service any AC unit with ease!

AC Tools#1: Gauge Manifold

Gauge Manifold

A manifold gauge is a must-have tool in any AC technician’s arsenal that measures pressure changes in gases and liquids such as air conditioning refrigerants.

The refrigerant’s temperature and pressure are displayed on the manifold’s gauge, which can then be used to diagnose problems with the AC unit.

This little device can tell you if your air conditioner is working properly, or whether there are leaks in the gas line. It comes in handy when it’s time for a refrigerant change or removing refrigerant from the air conditioner. It’s also very useful when performing maintenance on an older AC.

AC Tools#2: Digital Clamp Multi Meter

Digital Clamp Multi Meter

The digital clamp multimeter is a device that can measure voltage, current, and resistance. It has an LCD display that shows the results of the measurements taken by the tool in numerical form.

Digital multimeters are used to test electrical circuits for continuity (whether they are open or closed), as well as other tests such as measuring AC/DC current and voltage levels.

While servicing an Air conditioner, a digital Clamp Multimeter is used to check the ampere and voltage reading.

AC Tools#3: Nose Plier or Pilas

Pilas or Nose Plier

A plier is a tool that is used to grip or hold objects. There are many different types of pliers available, each with its own unique purpose. Pilas (or needle-nose pliers) are a type of plier that has a long, thin nose. They are ideal for gripping small objects such as wires or screws.

Pinch pliers are a type of locking pliers that have two serrated jaws which can be locked in place to hold an object firmly. They are also called Channel Locks, Vise-Grips, or C-Clamps. The jaws are opened and closed by squeezing the handles together.

This is a very common tool and is generally used to remove the outer covering of wires. It is an essential tool for servicing air conditioners.

Pinch pliers are used to hold small objects such as nuts and bolts in place while tightening or loosening them. They’re often called needle-nose because of their long, thin jaws that can reach into tight spaces where other tools wouldn’t fit!

AC Tools#4: Screw Driver

Screw Driver

A screwdriver is a basic but essential tool for any technician servicing air conditioners. This tool is used to remove and install screws of various sizes. Screwdrivers are used to tighten or loosen screws, nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. It can also be used for removing panels or covers and prying objects open.

They come in many different sizes, shapes, and types to accommodate various tasks. So require one that can fit your needs perfectly!

There are two different styles of screwdrivers: flathead (straight edge) and Phillips (crossed slots).

  • Phillips Head or Crossed Slot screwdriver
  • Flathead or Straight Edge Screwdriver

Flatheads have either a single slot on top for driving screws into the woodwork; while Phillips heads feature two slots at 90 degrees from each other allowing them to drive more securely than flathead screwdrivers.

It is one of the most basic tools needed by any technician. So, make sure you have a Phillips head and flathead screwdriver in your toolkit!

AC Tools#5: Screw Wrench

Socket Wrench Set

A wrench is a tool used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts. It has an adjustable jaw that can be moved up and down, so the size of the nut/bolt head it fits over changes accordingly.

There are two types of wrenches: open-end (which has two jaws with teeth on each side) or box-end (which only has one jaw).

Box end wrenches are typically longer than their open counterparts because they allow you to apply more force when turning nuts/bolts while still maintaining control over how fast they’re going around in circles!

  • Allen wrench set
  • Socket wrench set

These are two additional toolsets that can be extremely useful when working on air conditioners.

Allen wrenches are used for tightening or loosening screws with an Allen key head, while socket wrenches are perfect for turning bolts or nuts using a ratchet handle.

Make sure you have these two sets handy the next time you need to work on your AC unit!

AC Tools#6: L Key Set

L Key Set

The L key set is a collection of hex keys (aka Allen keys) that come in different sizes and shapes. These keys are used to tighten and loosen bolts and screws with hexagonal sockets in them.

Hexagonal type of screw is common on many appliances and machinery. It is also present in an air conditioner. So, it’s important to have a set of hex keys on hand for servicing an air conditioner. A L key set is an essential tool for any technician who works on air conditioners.

AC Tools#7: Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump is a device that creates a vacuum (a space with reduced air pressure) in order to suck or pull fluids and gases out of containers or systems.

It is commonly used in mechanical engineering and automotive repair to remove oil, water, or other unwanted fluids from engines, transmissions, and other components.

In AC servicing, it is basically used to create a vacuum in the refrigerator refrigeration lines before charging the refrigerator gas. With the help of a vacuum pump, an AC technician can remove contaminants from refrigerant lines by creating an area of low pressure inside them (this process is called “vacuuming” or “Evacuation”).

This tool is essential for air conditioner technicians as they need to be able to remove all traces of moisture from an air conditioner before recharging it with refrigerant. It also helps ensure the integrity of your AC unit after servicing has been performed!

AC Tools#8: Mini Gas Welding Machine

Mini Gas Welding Machine

Welding is a process of joining metal parts by heating the surfaces to the point where they melt and flow together. A mini gas welding machine is an essential tool for any air conditioner technician.

A mini gas welding machine is a small portable and easy-to-use tool that uses oxygen as fuel for cutting metal with an electric arc. It is perfect for welding and repairing thin sheet metal, and because it’s small and lightweight, it can be easily transported to the job site.

This device uses a small, handheld torch to heat the weld joint, melting the two pieces of metal together.

AC Tools#9: Torch


A torch is another essential tool for air conditioner technicians. A torch is a handheld device that uses an open flame to heat up metal parts so that they can be welded or soldered together. A torch can also be used to cut through metal sheets.

Torch flames come in many different shapes and sizes (butane, propane, acetylene) and are used for a variety of applications including metalworking, jewelry making, cooking, and even tattoos!

AC Tools#10: Swaging Tool

Swaging Tool Set

A swaging tool is a device that crimps or deforms metal tubing so that it forms a tight seal. It is often used in plumbing applications to join two pieces of copper pipe together without using solder.

Swaging tools come in many different shapes and sizes, but all of them work on the same principle: by pushing one end of the tube into another until it reaches its maximum depth; at which point an internal hammer strikes down against anvils inside the device to complete this process.

In Ac servicing, it is mostly used in connecting two copper pipes together by increasing the hole size of a copper pipe. It is essential for air conditioner technicians as they need to be able to securely attach fittings to tubes.

AC Tools#11: Level

Level Tool

The level is a device that measures whether or not something is straight up and down (horizontal), left-to-right (vertical), or forward and backward (slope).

It can be used in construction, carpentry, plumbing, masonry, and other trades where precise measurements are required because they ensure accuracy when drilling holes through walls etcetera.

In AC servicing, this tool is essential to ensure proper leveling of the indoor unit. A magnetic version of the level is good.

AC Tools#12: Oil Filter Wrench

Oil Filter Wrench

An oil filter wrench is a tool that is specifically designed to remove oil filters from engines or machinery. It has a serrated edge on one side that grabs onto the filter tightly while the other end is turned with a wrench to unscrew the filter. A ratchet may also be used instead of a wrench if desired.

This tool is essential for air conditioner technicians as they often need to replace the oil filter on an AC unit.

AC Tools#13: Tubing Cutter

Tubing Cutter

A tubing cutter is a tool that cuts through the plastic pipes and other types of tubing with ease! It has two sharp blades on one side which slice through material like butter, while an adjustable wheel allows for precise measurements to ensure proper fitment after cutting.

This tool is required for air conditioner technicians as they often need to cut tubing to size.

AC Tools#14: Tube Bender (Manual)

Manual Tube Bender

A tube bender is a device that bends metal tubes into different shapes and angles without causing any damage or distortion to them during operation.

It’s usually done by hand using pressure applied manually but can also be automated using hydraulic power-assisted systems such as those seen in manufacturing plants.

AC technicians use this tool to bend the copper pipes while installing or repairing an air conditioner.

AC Tools#15: Drill Machine

Drill Machine set

A drilling machine is a handheld tool that uses a rotating bit to create holes in materials like wood, metal, or plastic. It comes with different sized bits for drilling various hole sizes and can be powered by electricity or battery power.

This tool can be useful for air conditioner technicians who need to make custom-sized fittings.

AC Tools#16: Measuring Tape

Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is a long strip of cloth or plastic with markings at intervals along its length so you can measure distances accurately accurate. It’s usually marked in inches, feet, and sometimes centimeters (cm) depending on what unit system your country uses!

AC Tools#17: Pipe Cutter

Pipe Cutter

A pipe cutter is a powerful tool that is used to cut pipes. It has two sharp blades that slice through material like butter while an adjustable wheel allows for precise measurements to ensure proper fitment after cutting.

The blade also includes an integrated handle which makes it easy to use without hurting one’s hands during operation – no need to worry about getting any cuts from these!

This tool can be useful for air conditioner technicians who need to make custom-sized fittings.

AC Tools#18: Hammer


A hammer is a handheld tool that uses an open flame to heat up materials until they reach their melting point. Torch flames come in many different shapes and sizes (butane, propane, acetylene) and are used for a variety of applications including metalworking, jewelry making, cooking- even tattoos!

AC Tools#19: Wire Cutter

Wire Cutter

A wire cutter is a device with two sharp blades which slice through material like butter while an adjustable wheel allows for precise measurements to ensure proper fitment after cutting.

The blade also includes an integrated handle which makes it easy to use without hurting one’s hands during operation – no need to worry about getting any cuts from these!

AC Tools#20: Flashlight/Headlamp

A good flashlight or headlamp is essential for ac technicians, as it allows you to see into dark spaces and crevices where ac units are often located.

AC Tools#21: Core Removal Tool

A core removal tool is necessary for ac technicians who need to remove and replace ac cores. This tool helps to make the process much easier and quicker.

AC Tools Name List PDF

You can download the list of 21 Air Conditioner Servicing Tools with pictures in pdf file format simply by clicking the download button.


Frequently Asked Questions

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are many different AC tools that are essential for servicing an air conditioner. While some of these tools are more specialized, others (such as a screw wrench or a level) are more common and can be found in most households.

No matter what type of air conditioner you have, it’s crucial to have the right tools to properly maintain your unit, properly service it, and keep it running smoothly for years to come.

There are a few essential ac tools that every technician should have. So if you’re in the HVAC industry, make sure you have these ac tools on hand!

Hopefully, this blog post has helped you understand some of the HVAC tools. If you’re an HVAC professional, make sure you have all of these items in your toolkit! And if you’re just starting out, now you know what to add to your shopping list.

Do you have any questions about ac tools or servicing air conditioners? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to check out our other blog posts for more great tips and advice on all.

That’s all for now! I’ll be sure to add more air conditioning servicing tools as I come across them, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

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