Can We Use Front Load Detergent in a Top Load Washing machine?

In our previous article, we have discussed whether we can use top load detergent in front load washing machines or not. In this article, we will be answering one of the related questions, i.e. whether we can use front load detergent in a top load washing machine or not. We will also be clearing some of the common doubts regarding using a front-load detergent for the top load washing machine.

Yes, you can use the front load detergent in a top load washing machine. However, you have to increase the amount of front-load detergent prescribed. It is also advisable to use the front-load detergent only if you have accidentally purchased it. Because this will not only reduce the efficiency of your top loader but also makes your washing costly.

When we buy a new washing machine, we don’t really invest time in doing research related to the type of detergent it requires, instead, we simply reach out to the nearest supermarket and buy the best one according to our knowledge. And we buy the wrong one very often.

Different types of Washer Require Different types of Detergent

The efficiency of a washing machine largely depends upon the type of detergent it needs and is directly proportional to the correct detergent. Different washing machines work differently, therefore they require different types of detergents. There are also lots of difference between top load and front load detergents.

Types of Washing Machines and Detergents to use

To choose the correct detergent for our washing machine we need to know the type of washing machine we have. For instance, the front load washing machine needs high efficiency (HE) detergents that require less amount of water and has a shorter wash cycle.

It requires less detergent due to its tumble action. It doesn’t need much suds or water to wash away the dirt.

In contrast, the top load washing machine requires more water, more wash cycles and detergents that produce more froth to clean your clothes. It either has an agitator or a pulsator in the drum.

So, Can We Use a Front Load Detergent in a Top Load Washing Machine

The simple answer to our question is that yes, you can use the front load detergent in a top load washing machine while keeping some important things in our mind.

Firstly, you should know that there are different types of detergents available in the market for different types of washing machines and top load detergents are also available for the top load washing machines.

Secondly, when you are using the front load detergent in your top load washing machine it is always advisable to add more of it than what is recommended for the front load one.

This is because a top load washing machine needs more froth and water to wash clothes. But the front load detergents don’t produce much froth.

important things to keep in mind on using front load detergent in top load washing machine

So, to compensate for the suds amount, we need to increase the quantity of front-load detergent. However, if you don’t increase the quantity of detergent then you will not get the desired result and feels that the clothes are still dirty and require more wash cycles or detergent.

Thirdly, it will not only increase the cost of washing but also decrease the efficiency of your top load washing machine.

So, it is advisable that you should always use the type of detergent recommended by the manufacturer of your washing machine.

What to do if you have Bought the Wrong Detergent

If you have accidentally bought the wrong detergent i.e. front-loading detergent for top loading washing machine or vice versa, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you cannot use it at all. You just have to keep in mind, the right amount of detergent to use for the right machine. 

As the front-loading detergent produces a small amount of suds and top load washing machine requires large suds, it is better to use the detergent in a large quantity when you are using it in a top-loading washing machine.

Otherwise, the top-loading machine cannot remove the dirt from your laundry and you will not get the desired wash and at the same time, the performance of your washing machine will degrade.

Similarly, when you are using a top-loading detergent for front load washing machine, you need to add less detergent to get the result you want.

But this is recommended only for those who have bought it by mistake. Personally, I recommend you to use the right detergent for the right washing machine.

It will not only save energy but also increase the life span of your washer. Because when you treat your washer good, it treats your laundry good

How to use Front Load Detergent in a Top Load Washing Machine

You can follow the below steps while using the front load detergent in a top load washing machine.

how to use Front Load Detergent in a Top Load Washing Machine
  1. Inspect the pockets of all clothing (especially the young one’s laundry). It will save your washer, the items in the pockets and also protects the garments from damage.
  2. Zip up all zippers. Fasten hooks. Tie drawstrings. Unroll cuffs. Turn pockets inside out. To minimize fading, turn relatively darker clothes, inside out. Also, unbutton all buttons because the agitation in a standard top-loading washing machine can cause buttons to tear buttonholes.
  3. Determine the Quantity of front load detergent i.e. amount of detergent to use. Take the help of a user manual of washing machine and directions on the detergent package to find out the amount of detergent your machine calls for. The direction on the package will help you determine the quantity for the front loader and the manual will guide the correct measurement for your top loader machine. There are several signs indicating that you could be using too much detergent. Detergent residue on the clothes, or in the washer after the end of a cycle, water leaks,  and extremely wet clothes at the end of a cycle.
  4. Start the machine and pour the detergent evenly around the tub.
  5. Fill the washer tub with water and dissolve the detergent completely.
  6. Add the clothes evenly into the tub, place the heavier clothes first, then the lighter ones.
  7. Close the lid, start the wash cycle and let it complete. You will notice a smaller amount of suds than usual. This is because of the front load detergent which produces fewer suds.
  8. Open the lid and check the cloth for detergent spots. If you notice any spot then rinse again.

How Much Detergent to Use in a Top Loading Washing Machine

We are offered with different choices of washing machines and detergents, so it is a common doubt for almost everyone about the quantity of detergent to use in a top load washing machine.

Knowing the right amount for the different loads is an essential requirement in every wash cycle because the excess detergent will not only result in longer washing cycles but also damage your cloth and increase the electricity cost.

According to a study at Bonn University on scientific consumers’ laundry practices, the consumers are not using the right amount of detergent for their laundry in comparison to the recommended amount shown on the packaging.

It was also determined that the consumer does not adjust the detergent dosage as per the load size, textile type, water hardness or soil level. This led to over- or underdosing depending on prevailing conditions.

The study also shows that just by using the recommended amount of detergent, one could save 38% of detergent per year.

The Amount of Detergent to Use factors

How much detergent to use in a top load washing machine depends on many factors, like the type of machine, the number of clothes, the level of dirt, the hardness of the water and concentration (2X,4X or 10X) of your detergent.

There are two types of top load washing machines.

  1. Standard top load washing machine with a central agitator. It requires more water when compared to the high-efficiency top load washer.
  2. High-efficiency top load washing machine. It needs less water and detergent than standard top load washing machine.

As the water requirement and working mechanism is different in the above two washing machine, therefore they require different types and amount of detergents. Take the help of the given table while deciding the amount of laundry detergent to use. You should also avoid the overuse of laundry detergent.

Amount of Detergent to use in top load washing machine

If there are water leaks, unwanted white residues on your clothes or extremely wet clothes at the end of the cycle, then you are using too much detergent. These are the multiple signs indicating the overuse of detergent.

Overuse of detergent may lead to suds lock. In this situation, the suds build up between the tub and the basket and create an airlock that your washer motor struggles to overcome. The final result is that your clothes may be wetter than they should be, increasing your drying time and costing you time and money.

However, poor cleaning and stain are the indications of less than the required amount of detergent use.

Use only the recommended amount of detergent in your washing machine and remember more detergent does not equal more cleaning power. To ensure you use the proper amount of detergent, follow the instructions found on your detergent box.

Loading your Top Loader Washer

types of top load washing machine
Types of Top Load Washing Machine

Proper loading your top loader is very essential because underloading will wastewater and energy and overloading will lead to dirty clothes and can damage your washing machine.

Loading your washing machine is mainly depends on the type of top-load washing machine you have. There are two types of top-load washing machine.

One is a standard top-load washer which has a center agitator that moves the clothes around in the water. Load the clothes around the agitator evenly without overloading it.

Place the laundry inside the tub one by one. Load the heavy/bulky items first then the medium and small items.  If you are washing only the heavy items like a jacket or rug, add some small laundry items around the tub to balance the weight.

You must not twist towels and sheets around the agitator. Instead, put them on each side to help maintain a balanced load.

Loading a Standard Top Load washing machine

Distribute the clothes loosely and evenly inside the machine. You must not fill the washer tub more than 3/4th of the capacity of the tub. It is also not advisable to fill the tub higher than the agitator top.

Do not wrap large laundry items around the agitator.

The second one is High-efficiency top load washer which requires much less water compared to standard top load washer. Hence more efficient. They have a drum rotating around a horizontal axis.

Add the load evenly around the edges of the rotating wash plate without overloading it. Evenly distributing the dirty laundry will help balance the load. It will also allow the laundry to move around and provide the best cleaning.

How to Dose your Top Loader

Correctly dosing your washing machine is essential for getting maximum out of your detergent. If your top loader has a special compartment for detergent, then you just need to pour in the recommended amount of detergent in that compartment and start the wash cycle.

Some top-load models may contain multiple compartments, one for liquid fabric softener, one for the liquid chlorine bleach along with a main wash detergent compartment. Sometimes the main wash detergent holds removable liquid detergent tray.

In these models when adding liquid detergent make sure that the liquid tray located in the main wash liquid detergent compartment is in place.

Dosing a top load washing machine

If your model does not have a dispenser drawer then you can add detergent to the wash basket before loading any garments.

You can use both the form of detergents i.e. liquid and powder, into the same compartment, although which one to use is dependent upon your laundry requirements, personal preferences and the type of machine you’re using.

If you are using liquid detergent then take the help of a detergent cap as a dosing device to measure the amount and pour it into the drawer of your washing machine. The dose amount should be as per the instructions on the pack.

If you are using powder detergent then you can measure the correct dose using the scoop provided with the detergent. In this case, also, you need to dose the detergent into the drawer.

You always need to check the dosing instructions on the pack and use the right amount of detergent for your laundry.

If you have to use detergent pods, fabric softener crystals or color-safe bleach, then you can add them directly to the washtub before loading clothes. Do not put in the dispenser or on top of clothes. Use designated dispensers when adding liquid chlorine bleach and fabric softener.

Do check your owner’s manual for specific instructions. In most standard top load washing machines with agitators, you can add the detergent or fabric softener down the center of the agitator.

Tip: Do not put powder on top of clothes in your top load washing machine.
Do not fill any dispenser past the max fill line because overfilling could cause the product to empty too soon.

It is always advisable to go through the user manual of your washing machine to operate it correctly. You have to fill the drum with enough water and give sufficient time for the detergent to dissolve.

We are just giving a solution for a mistake but if you want our suggestion then we will always suggest you to buy the right detergent for your washing machine. Because not only it hampers the efficiency of the washer but it also makes the washing costly as we have to use more of our detergent.

You should never use top loading detergent in a front-loading machine. However, front load detergent can be used in either front or top-loading machines, but top loading detergent will damage a front load machine.

What to look while buying Detergent 

Generally, the retailers mix different types of detergents on the shelf or consumers rearrange the detergents while choosing and you may likely buy the wrong one. 

So, while buying the laundry detergent for your high-efficiency top-load washing machine, you need to make sure that the bottle contains the HE logo on it. If you have a standard top load washing machine, then look for “Top Load” on the detergent packet.

I will personally recommend you to go for machine-specific detergents for optimal performance.

While Buying top load detergents

If your laundry requirement is high then you can buy in bulk to save extra and to ensure that you have proper stock at the time of need. Choose the detergent carefully because the price of HE detergents and regular detergent are almost similar.

Our Recommendation of the Best Top Load Detergents

For your convenience, we have listed down some of the best detergents that are easily available on Amazon for top-loading washing machines. 

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Top Load Detergents 

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Front Load Detergents 

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Detergents for Both Types of Washing Machine (HE Detergents)

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What do you think is the best detergent for your washing machine? Let us know in the comment section below.

Other Do’s and Don’ts

  • If the powder detergent is old or has signs of clumping don’t use it and buy fresh detergent.
  • Don’t put the detergent pods in the dispenser drawer.
  • For liquid bleach do use the compartment marked as liquid bleach. Don’t exceed the maximum fill line because too much bleach can damage your fabrics.
  • Do dilute the concentrated fabric softeners with warm water before use.
☣️A word of CAUTION: Keep Detergent Safe

Remember that laundry detergents are chemicals, so they must be kept out of reach of children and pets, preferably somewhere in a dark and dry place. You can put them in a drawer that they can’t open easily, or store it on a shelf that they can’t reach.

I hope this post was helpful to you in clearing most of your doubts regarding the types of detergent to be used with different types of washing machines and which one not to use. You can also check our “Can We Use Top Load Detergent in a Front Load Washing Machine?article which is complementary to this post.

You can also visit our “11 Washing Machine Accessories “Must-Haves” for a New Washer” section for the things to buy that will make your laundry routine much more productive and efficient. If you are thinking to buy a new washing machine and not able to decide which one to buy, you can check our complete buyer’s guide here in our “How to Choose a Washing Machine – A Complete Guide” section.

Go through our list of the 11 best washing machines available in the market and see the different features and latest technology in various brands.

However, if you need any other help or have suggestions for us, then please do comment below and we will get back to you with the best possible information and details. Your advice, comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and welcomed.

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